Jinggong Robotics Takes Part in 2022 the 2nd China(Indonesia) Trade Expo.

01 To further enhance the cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and Indonesian companies, develop the digital trade fair, lift the barriers between online and offline and build the marketing system of collaborating at home and abroad, with the active organization and strong support from Trade Development Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, 2022 the 2nd China(Indonesia) Trade Expo. was successfully held from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2. A total of some 500 companies from 18 provinces took part in this major event that attracts some 5000 attendees from Indonesia and the neighboring countries of Indonesia.


Jinggong Robotics adopted the digitized means of combining online and offline to join in this fair. It highly implements the philosophy of online and offline modes of exhibiting goods going abroad, exhibitors streaming online, visitors going to the site, and negotiating online.


02 In the physical booth, Jinggong Robotics adopts multiple means of sample exhibiting, posters illustrating, and catalog sharing to introduce the new material equipment, the automated equipment with intelligent robots, health and disease prevention equipment, and automatic wheelchairs to the booth visitors. In the virtual booth, our salesperson talked to the customer patiently, which wins thumbs from the visitors. With the offline goods exhibiting and online streaming attracting booth comers and customer consulting continuously, a great number of customers showed their strong willingness to cooperate.


Through this event, Jinggong Robotics learned the needs of the Indonesian market timely, actively upheld the future trend of the industry, and continuously expands its cooperation, which means a lot to the company’s branding and market exploitation. This trade fair is the feast of the industry, this trade fair is, too, a rewarding event.

Post time: Sep-07-2022