On February 16, Song Joo Choi, CEO of South Korea HYOSUNG Advanced Materials Department, and his delegation visited JINGGONG SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY for inspection, accompanied by Wu Haixiang, General Manager of the company, and other leaders. As the largest overseas client of JINGGONG, the CEO of Korea HYOSUNG personally led a team to visit. General Manager Wu expressed warmly welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests from afar.


The delegation led by CEO of HYOSUNG visited the exhibition hall and the production factory, and had a detailed understanding of the development history, corporate culture and industrial layout of JINGGONG. They spoke highly of the company’s industry and production scale, as well as the advantage of carbon fiber equipment. 1J7A3401

At the conference, the two sides exchanged in-depth views on the current development status and trend of the carbon fiber industry, the development of the carbon fiber project invested by HYOSUNG in Jiangsu province, and further strategic cooperation. General Manager Wu said that JINGGONG will make greater efforts and work more effectively to promote all projects to a high level. Meanwhile, we will expand and deepen strategic cooperation between the two sides with the concept of “professionalism, focus and technology leadership”, and achieve long-term stable and friendly win-win development.


Founded in 1966, HYOSUNG Group has developed into one of the representative group companies with about 8000 employees, annual sales of 84.3 billion yuan, 7 industrial chains and 27 business departments, ranking among the top ten enterprise in South Korea. In the early 2000s, HYOSUNG began to independently design carbon fiber. In 2011, in cooperation with research institutions of Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju, and the Korea Institute of Carbon Convergence Technology, HYOSUNG took the lead in developing TANSOME carbon fiber in South Korea, becoming the fourth company in the world to produce carbon fiber after Japan, the United States and Germany. It is also the first company in South Korea to develop carbon fiber materials with fully owned technology. In 2023, HYOSUNG began to enter the Chinese market, and the annual production of 26400 tons of carbon fiber project was launched in Jiangsu.


As the chief designer and manufacturer of the first thousand-ton high-performance carbon fiber production line in China, JINGGONG SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY has undertaken more than 20 carbon fiber production lines up to now. It began to cooperate with HYOSUNG from South Korea in the oxidation furnace in 2019, and has been successfully applied to the No. 2 and No. 3 carbon fiber lines of HYOSUNG’s Jeonju factory. At present, the No. 4 carbon fiber line is under installation and commissioning.


Based on the long-term sincere cooperation, both teams had a more in-depth exchange on cooperation in the carbon fiber project in Jiangsu province. In addition to the oxidation furnace, the two companies will cooperate more in core equipment of carbon fiber line such as carbonization furnace in the future.

Post time: Feb-21-2023