Jinggong Science & Technology Held the “Join it, Sweet in the Heart” DIY Cake Making Show

Spring came the eighth International Women's Day. In order to enrich the spare time of female employees and show their healthy and positive demeanor, the union of Jinggong Science & technology organized the DIY cake making show themed "Enjoy it, Sweet in the heart". The show was actively responded to by the female employees. Soon, the registration was fulfilled with a total of over 70 female employees participating in.

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On the afternoon of Mar. 7, the event kicked off as scheduled. At the beginning of the event, a professional pastry chef invited by the company gave a demo, so as to illustrate the whole process of cake making. Taking the making of eight-inch cake as an example, the professional pastry chef personally showed the making process of cream and cake embryo, explaining in detail the precise amount of each cake parts, keys to cake making, the suitable color combination, and answered the questions that participants met in the cake making in a detailed manner. Later comes phrase two, DIY, and the atmosphere was pushed to the climax. The participants showed their innovation, imagination and creation on the cake embryo. As layers of cream gathered into a circle, cakes were embodied with flowers and fruits decorated, and each showed its unique characteristic. After the comment was presented by the professional cake chef, six outperformed cakes were selected.

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With the success holding of "Enjoy it, Sweet in your Heart" DIY cake making show, the company wished all female employees a happy international women’s day, hoping everyone can enjoy the working life here.

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Post time: Mar-14-2022