JG Robotics Developed 3 Types of Multifunction Electronic Wheelchairs with Success

The wheelchair is of overriding importance to patients’ recovery, for it is not only a travel tool for those with inconvenient moving, but also a tool to exercise themselves and socialize with others. In those developed countries, the hand-propelled wheelchairs and standard electronic wheelchairs for the old and the disabled are gradually replaced by the intelligent electronic wheelchairs, for their superior performance, easier operation, and smoother running. Having considered market needs, Jinggong Robot Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. has designed and developed the following 3 types of multifunction electronic wheelchairs for those with inconvenient moving.

1.Electronic Pump&Omni-Directional Movement Office Chair


The electronic pump&omni-directional movement office chair is an office chair that JG Robotics considerably developed for those with inconvenient moving. The electronic office chair features the multidirectional movement of forwarding, backing, left side moving, right side moving, and gyration, which helps its users to move freely in office areas and narrow corners. In addition, this office chair has an electronic lifting function, making pickup documents or articles that are placed on a high surface easier. The office chair can also be adjusted to a position suitable for people-people communications.

2.Electronic Climbing Wheelchair


The electronic climbing wheelchair is the one of high safety concerns. With its ability to climb stairs and go through bumpy roads, a more pleasant outdoor experience can be offered to those with inconvenient moving.

The climbing wheelchair developed by JG Robotics features the multidirectional movement of forwarding, backing, left side moving, right side moving, and gyration. Having taken users hanging out on their own into consideration, this wheelchair has the function of mode change from upstairs to downstairs. Should it encounter stairs, with the balancing system, the wheelchair can remain balanced when up or downstairs, so as to deliver a better experience for our users. 3D camera and suspension are also integrated into this wheelchair.

3.Electronic Wheelchair for Medical Use

The electronic medical wheelchair is a multifunction smart chair developed by JG Robotics. The wheelchair can alter from wheelchair to bed, and it has the function of electronic lifting and autopilot. The electronic medical wheelchair features the multidirectional movement of forwarding, backing, left side moving, right side moving, and gyration, which can help patients to move freely in narrow areas. A more pleasant experience can be guaranteed with its function of adjusting seat position and angle. The function of electronic lifting mitigates the burden on nurses in patient transfer. The function of autopilot makes the medical system more intelligent, so as to allow nurses helping more patients at the same time.

JG Robotics is dedicated to customer-oriented solutions, and renews traditional industry with technological innovations. The company will strive hard to better meet its customers’ needs, never stop innovation, and dedicate itself to delivering more intelligent wheelchairs to society.

Autor: Wang Jiaqi

Post time: May-13-2022